Architecture d'intérieur

Complete development of the brewery in a room under construction, on the ground floor of the auditorium. A billiard area with screen and music is created. Evening entertainment by the manager.

  • Article written by PHV-SITE-TROISC in Projects 2015/10/22
Layout Private Acoustic Research Bureau Study of fluid Bureau Design Office Collective Kitchens Restaurant Interior architecture

Operation - Operators - Equipment installation

Restaurant Interior architecture

Attendance - Speakers on this operation - Equipment installation

Restaurant Interior architecture

Attendance: 250 meals a day, every noon of the week, plus automatic distribution. Equipment installation: ASTRAL (Lyon)

Restaurant Interior architecture

Potential Attendance - Equipment Installation

Interior architecture
Large View CHU Besac

The company Trois C intervened as Interior Architect (Co-contracting with Synapse Construction) for the restructuring of the restaurant / self-service areas, followed by construction site ...

Layout Public Acoustic Research Bureau Design Office Collective Kitchens Renovation Restaurant Interior architecture Trend

The renovation operation consists of reclaiming the shaded areas, clarifying all the ancillary rooms and finding a harmonious plan for the life of a family. Not only ...

Layout Private Study of fluid Bureau Housing Renovation Interior architecture

The project is located at the end of a project, on a parcel at the eastern edge of a park (Parc de Saint Agathe). The entire plot is flat. Access will be in the South East ...

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