Lyon (69)


  • Cuisine: 180 meals a day, noon and evening
  • Restaurant: 150 meals a day, every noon of the week

Operators of the operation:

  • Groupe CARDINAL - Project management (Lyon)
  • XANADU - Architect (Lyon)
  • SET JACOULOT - BET Fluid and OPC (Ecully)
  • GLOBAL - Pilotage (Lyon)

Equipment installation:

  • ASTRAL (Lyon)
Nature du projet :
Maître d'Ouvrage :
Mission de l'agence Trois C :
Surface du projet :
Coût de l'opération :
Fin de l'opération :
Interior architecture

Recent references

Renovation of a farm building

01600 - Misérieux

The land comes from a division of this land. The plot has an area of 387m2, the house has a floor area of 124m2, and the garage has an area of 40m2. The old barn is renovated into a house.

A glassed-in kitchen

The renovation operation consists of reclaiming the shaded areas, clarifying all the ancillary rooms and finding a harmonious plan for the life of a family. Not only ...

2011-2014 : RESTAURATION HOPITAL J.MINJOZ 25000 Besançon

The company Trois C intervened as Interior Architect (Co-contracting with Synapse Construction) for the restructuring of the restaurant / self-service areas, followed by construction site ...